Friday, October 10, 2008 Review
So this is My site for Tutorials in Photoshop, Flash, Illustrator, 3DS Max, Security related and others... arranged in different categories. The full story of the site begins 2.5 years ago and it was Joomla site at first with very ugly design taken from some ready free template and changed a little bit from me. And it was with the name Arilaripi. It has tutorials in different categories also but, then the only thing you can do is to download them and watch on your computer. In the beginning of this year Me and Makkalot decide to make the site completely from zero. The reason was not just the ugly design but we have a problem with the high traffic because it has a lot of downloading. So in our spare time I begin with the design he begin with the coding. After 3-4 months the site was completely ready to start with absolutely new design and with new name: Tutorials-place. But we do not start it. It takes somehow one more month or so to officially start it. After official start the site was having a good interest from the public users. And also a good comments in some places where I show it. So now the site is running from 5 months or a little bit more and the new visitors grow from day to day. Not much but enough to say that the site is successful. The tutorials in site which are watched online are originally from me. And I make new when I have free time and not so much important work to do. It's like my hobby. I don't know how much my tutorials help to the peoples. Some say they help, some say they are not. But I hope that peoples have fun with them even a little. The tutorials in my site shows a lot of different ideas and different ways of doing different things in Photoshop, Flash, Illustrator etc... The download tutorials are also from me, but not all. For this which are not mine I have give explanation and tutorial authors. Some of the security Linux and OS tutorials are made from Makkalot. We still have some problems to fix about our downloading tutorials section. Our Firefox visitors can't download files with one time clicking the download button. They need to click with the right mouse button and choose "save link as" to download the tutorial.
This is because all of the rar files which have problem downloading when visitor uses firefox browser.But there have a way for this to be fixed. We just don't have enough free time folks.
Sorry for this little discomfort.
The link tutorials in the site are links to all kind of free video tutorials around the web.
The sites where they link to are different and There have source for them in their descriptions.
We have also a link farm feature which shows the 8 newest tutorials in 4 different sites for today.
The gallery in the site is my Portfolio gallery. It's flash and you can find there some different things about me and about what I have been done. You can check it here: LINK
The last last thing to mention is the contact page. There you can find some emails to contact
me or Makkalot for some reason. Please do not spam. :) Usually we are mailed because of Link exchange requests with our site.
So that's it.


makkalot said...

What a story :)

ADK said...

Yes, what a story? :D