Wednesday, November 26, 2008

12 Cool Islamic Avatars 150 x 150px

So, this are 12 Cool Islamic Avatars 150 x 150px that I made.
Hope you like them. You're free to use them in your favorite forums and other sites ;)


sadia said...

they're gorgeous mashallah!

ADK said...

I hope they are :)
Thanks for commenting.
it's nice to know you like them :)

forexwatch said...

Thanks for sharing. Keep up the Good work.

ADK said...

Thanks forexwatch :)

Amira said...

Thanks glad you like them. I'm curious what program are you using to make your icons? At the moment I'm mainly just using paint and Microsoft PowerPoint for the txt.

ADK said...

Thanks Amira, I use Photoshop for my icons. You can find 30 day version of the program in adobe web site, but the full version is expensive. I thing you're doing well with this programs. Keep working :)