Tuesday, March 24, 2009

I have started a new blog...

Well I have started a new blog and it's for photoshop tutorials...
Not video tutorials this time, just text... :), I get the idea that some tutorials are too long and I can't upload so much from them on T-place..., Also sometimes text tutorials are much easy to be done. I make some tutorials from time to time and I hope some of you maybe will find them useful... To visit, follow this link :) Enjoy my new tutz...

Monday, March 23, 2009

City in Night,

This one's called City in Night, from my Vector Background collection from 01 to 20. This Number 9.hope you'll like it a lil bit. commentz appreciated...

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Nice tab navigation - Photoshop tutorial

I made new tutorial for Effective web design web site, which is for creating a Nice tab navigation. The tutorial can be seen here: Link Hope you'll like it and it will be useful for you :)

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Muhammad (Peace be Upon Him) name in arabic.

 This is a wallpaper I made: Caligraphy: Muhammad (Peace be Upon Him) name in Arabic.

My desktop - well aranged!

I have too much icons on my desktop always flying around, so I was having this idea to make something like that. Now everything is well arranged lol.
This is a PSD with a well arranged desktop wallpaper that you can use if you don't like your icons flying everywhere!
And u can put every image u want in the psd, I thing I'll make version 2 of this one which I hope will look better. Anyway click here for download the PSD just enjoy if you like

Truck in the desert.

This is number 8 from my Vector Background Collection 01-20. This one is called Truck in the desert. Hope you'll like it. Comments are appreciated !

Sunday, March 01, 2009

My name in arabic. (Calligraphy)

This is a calligraphy with my name. A friend made it for me! I just added some effects and decided to upload it here. Thing looks nice.

Car is gettin out of it...

OK Here a little something from me.
This begin trying to do a logo for web site... my friends said different thingzz:
1. Something needed (I know)
2. Looks like not a monitor, something like a TV antenna (lollll),I really don't know if it looks like that, but this is combine from two different monitor images... and It didn't look like a TV antenna to me, lol never mind...)
3. It's really cool. Looks good.
4. and my opinion is: It needs more work, but I will not throw it in my recycle bin :D so I added: The car (is old) and the pencil (is new) and decide to post it here. Looks like everybody have different opinion about what they see. lol surely is like that. Hope you like it.