Sunday, March 01, 2009

Car is gettin out of it...

OK Here a little something from me.
This begin trying to do a logo for web site... my friends said different thingzz:
1. Something needed (I know)
2. Looks like not a monitor, something like a TV antenna (lollll),I really don't know if it looks like that, but this is combine from two different monitor images... and It didn't look like a TV antenna to me, lol never mind...)
3. It's really cool. Looks good.
4. and my opinion is: It needs more work, but I will not throw it in my recycle bin :D so I added: The car (is old) and the pencil (is new) and decide to post it here. Looks like everybody have different opinion about what they see. lol surely is like that. Hope you like it.

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